Handling Process

24/24 hour services worldwide – your ultimate claims solutions

Our claims intervention is available 24/24 worldwide, whether your assured is located in Benelux, Europe or anywhere in the world, for that matter, we guarantee to intervene, and answer your needs immediately. We understand your business, and fully comprehend that the emphasis is on Immediate intervention.

As regards our intervention to any location within Benelux, France or Switzerland, we intervene personally and immediately. As regards any intervention anywhere else in the world, we ensure that we will be on the spot within 24 hours, and if need be, appoint a local agent to take care of the first immediate formalities.

Our first comprehensive Intervention report is always issued within 12 hours of our first intervention, thus enabling underwriters to grasp an immediate understanding of the matter at hand.

We pride ourselves on our local contacts, wherever our intervention is required, and are fully familiar with the complexities of these niche areas.

Our tailor-made intervention plans enable us to deliver precisely what our principals require: whether it be Jeweller’s Block, Specie, Cash-in- Transit, Gold Bullion, Exhibition, Art, Classic Car or Film production – you can expect the very best customer service. We are fully familiar with the complexities of these very special sectors and possess the know-how and contacts to handle the A to Z for you.