FILM ProductioN
Contingency & Non-Appearance

Corporate videos, documentaries, television commercials, short or full-length feature films, projects, concerts or over —redemption claims.
Unforeseen production delays due to cast injuries, damaged equipment, accidents and natural disasters.
Mitigating the costs of the support, budget, the number of shooting days and locations as well as the cast and crew members who need to be insured for cast non-appearance coverage.
Financial losses associated with accident or illness of key cast and crew members at any stage of the film production.
The other common areas of financial loss to a film production such as damaged or stolen equipment and support materials, non-delivery of equipment or cast and crew, natural disasters, terrorism and other unforeseen circumstances.

Let us not forget that cinema was born in Europe.

Georges Méliès built one of the first film studios in 1897 and in the 1900s, European film companies dominated international film distribution.

The last 10 years we have seen a significant increase in the film production in Northern Europe; Belgium being one of the most significant areas, though the core of the EU film industry consists of relatively small companies. Some of them may be set up to produce only a single project but we are seeing more and more of these one-off production companies where a loss could have a devastating effect. In the event of a claim, they are often at a total loss as to what to do and how to cope with the case at hand, and we are able to provide all the necessary support to assist them in processing the claim smoothly.