Private and Professional

Residential security is a critical component of any personal security program, especially when the individuals run attractive businesses or hold key positions in high value businesses.

We see both from national statistics and our own, that home invasions, tiger kidnappings and actual armed robbery in the home places of these wealthy individuals are on the significant increase, and for this reason, more and more, we are consulted by these individuals on a private basis as regards their private residences.

Specialised in the field of security for over 25 years, we offer a customized study of the risk location and movements and provide an analysis which includes recommendations on how to ensure optimum security. Having established contacts with the major companies specializing in alarm installations, CCTV and access control. We are not only able to put together a tailor-made study of the location, procedures and habits adopted, but also recommend specific contractors for the work, and follow-up on the project work to completion. We have undertaken many such studies for underwriters, where the key person is a potential target, and private individuals contracting us directly. Architects and project managers also frequently call upon our services to oversee the security plan from architectural drawing to fruition.

In today’s world, all round security is a top priority, and rather be safe than sorry. Too many customers consult us after ‘the incident’. It is important for you and your family to be one step ahead avoid ‘the incident’.

In the same context we also undertake studies of operations and provide consultancy on how to improve and optimize the security of your procedures and products.

We receive instructions from both companies in the context of the insurance policies of their prestigious clients, and from private individuals who are concerned about their security and that of their family.

Feel free to contact us for a quote, and to conduct a survey of your home or business.