Denice Alison Oliver was born in London but grew up in Belgium in a multi-lingual environment. Sounds of the 70s and 80s; inspired by James Bond, Charlie’s Angels, Harriet the Spy – and later; Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot (a Belgian!) and Sherlock Holmes’s Dr. Watson, combined with anything warranting an investigation, Denice discovered that loss adjusting was probably the closest she would come to fulfilling her dream. In 1986, she embarked on her career with a firm of chartered loss adjusters based in Brussels, and by 1991 had specialised in the diamond, jewellery, bank and fine art sector, extending her activities to security, based in Antwerp Belgium, culminating in the establishment of Oliver Insurance Services in 1995.

Over the last twenty eight years, Denice has specialised in security and criminology, and been named by principal insurance markets worldwide to intervene in some of the major specie claims which have occurred in Europe. Denice has acquired a worldwide reputation for being the top specialist in this sector, travelling extensively throughout Europe, as a specialised adjuster and surveyor, continuously training in the field of both security and criminology, forging relationships with security specialists, private investigators, and police forces worldwide, all specialised in the reduction, prevention and elucidation of fraud. The contacts she has forged over the years are exclusive and privileged, resulting in her impressive success rate in solving some of the biggest and most extraordinary cases.

Now all that’s left is to write the book – one day!